MEP Engineering

In recent years technical applications have hovered between technology and technophobia. Both extremes normally have negative consequences on the design.

It is in principle necessary to implement minimum level of building services, because constructional measures cannot establish alone the comfortable interior climate. On contaminated sites the development is only possible with suggestive implementation of building services. The savings could be reached, only if the building services are designed to sense. The general rule of the implementation of building services should be as follows: as much as necessary, as minimum as possible.

Energy Masterplanning

The restructuring or further development of existing facilities to energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions is one of the most central tasks of the future.

The requirement for future energy supply concepts - regardless to the scale of the spatial area - consists in the existing onsite technical infrastructure and energy potentials, in consideration of the following aspects: current and future energy demands, implementable techniques for energy generation, energy distribution, energy storage regarding to supply guarantee, environmental compatibility, economy and ecology for the intending of possible efficiency.


Through the close cooperation with various research institutions, we are able to incorporate from science generated approaches and knowledge into practical applications.

- Chair of Building Climatology &  Building Services, TUM
- Centre of environmentally aware building” (ZUB) in Kassel
- Hausladen & Meyer Engineering in Kassel

Competition Support

If you want to organize an architectural competition, we are pleased to support you in terms of energy and climate-related challenges. Our support begins with the definition of objectives, which is developed together with you. The defined objectives will be integrated into the procurement documentation.

Within the framework of the preliminary review, the proposed entries will be examined according to the energetic issues. The results will be presented by the meeting of the evaluation committee.