Building Concept

Protecting the agricultural appearance
Excellent usage flexibility of the building
Sustainable, simple ecological construction
Multifunctional, aesthetic workplaces
Precise, simple geometric basic forms
Clear spatial structures and natural surfaces
Component and furniture with concise formal expression
Optimal room acoustic and high daylight use
Low energy demand
Use of renewable energy


Energy Concept I Winter

Low energy demand due to the efficient building shell
Use of passive solar energy and internal heat gains
Natural ventilated building
Heating energy from groundwater heat pump
Heating via underfloor heating system
Optimal controllability through unsubstantiated surfaces
Use of storage mass by the use of massive structure


Energy Concept I Summer

Natural shading via structural elements
Realization of different natural ventilation strategies
Use of thermal lift within high room heights
Use of storage mass by the use of massive structure
Solar control glazing on the south facade
Natural ventilated building
Internal sun shades and glare protection
Natural cooling energy from groundwater
Cooling via underfloor cooling system


Lighting Concept

Natural lighting as far as possible
Apex ceiling room design for workplaces
Glare-free lighting via roof windows
Even lighting over workplaces
Daylight-dependent lighting regulation
Daylight-like artificial lighting
Optimal window surface area proportion and arrangements