ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre


The HITS gGmbH, the Research Institute of Klaus Tschira Foundation in Heidelberg intends on the site of ESO in Garching to build a new planetarium and astronomical visitor center.



HITS gGmbH – das Forschungsinstitut der Klaus Tschira Stiftung 


Bernhardt + Partner Architects, Darmstadt

Project data

7.300 m² BGF


Optimized thermal envelope
Optimized daylighting through glass domes
Heating energy from ground water heat pump
Cooling energy from  high efficient heat pump
Heating & cooling via underfloor heating
Mechanical ventilation with high efficient heat recovery
Natural ventilation in offices and seminar areas

Parametric Design

Early in the preliminary design phase, various concepts have be presented in 3D. This was only possible using parametric design features for creating building services in the architectural model.

Parametric Design

Rhino 3D by McNeal acts as CAD platform and with the plug-in Grasshopperthe concepts are visualized.

CFD Simulation (Age of Air)

The ventilation concept is highly innovative because of highly minimized volume. The supply air is purposefully integrated in a few places in the building. In order to confirm the ventilation concept, already in the preliminary design, thermal and CFD simulations have been carried out. Through Age of Air analyses the freshness of air quality can be determined at any location in the building.