LUXEXPO Luxembourg


New exhibition complex with halls, hotel, gastronomy and conference areas in Luxembourg

Competition 1. Prize


SIPEL, FUAK, Luxembourg


Pohl Architects Urbanists, Erfurt/Jena and STEINMETZDEMEYER architects urbanists, Luxembourg

Project data

120.000 m² BGF

Energy Supply Concept  (competition)

Heating energy from gas-cogeneration
Heating energy from solar collectors
Heating energy from groundwater-heatpump
Seasonal thermal energy storage
Cooling energy from absorption chiller
Power generation through PV´s and CHP

Energy Concept (competition)

Natural ventilation through roof openings
Supply air preconditioning via air duct
Northward orientated daylight openings
Southward orientated thin film PV´s
Thermal solar collectors on the roof
Heating & cooling via surface systems
Rain water use for toilets
High efficient heat, cold & humidity recovery