Renovation HUK Coburg Coburg


The headquarters of HUK Coburg has been built in 1998 and serves as the headquarters for the company. The overall optimization of energy systems, building services and smart office usage will be established.

1. Price, Interdisciplinary Competition


HUK Coburg, Coburg


Hegger Hegger Schleiff Architekten, Kassel

Project data

98.000 m² BGF


Improvement of thermal comfort
Reduce operating and maintenance costs
Gold DGNB certification of the renovated building
Modular concept for the reduction of primary energy demand up to 100% renewable building operation

Room Conditioning Concept

Optimization of the sun shading system regarding to wind resistance, light guidance and transmission
Increasing the structural thermal protection in consideration with economically and energetically purpose
Switching to a low-temperature surface conditioning
Reduction of mechanical air exchange rate to hygienically necessary level

Energy Supply Concept

Covering the most of the heating and cooling demand from geothermal energy
Brine heat pump with high COP due to the lowest system temperatures
Keeping existing energy infrastructure and using a new biogas CHP
Covering the entire building's electricity demand through a roof-integrated photovoltaic system
Covering the electricity demand for user specific systems through the CHP